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Tropical Fruits And Food Delights.

tropical fruitsSpeak of colors, flavors or shapes or for that matter your health and you will find that tropical fruits simply go unchallenged. Remember, tropical fruits are rich sources of vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin A and C. Quite naturally; these fruits are used to prepare some of the most delicious dishes and drinks. Many of these fruits are used as dressings and marinades too. They make as good salads as pickles. Children are especially fond of tropical fruit spreads.

Common Tropical Fruits And The Dishes They Make

Avocado, a fruit rich in seventeen vitamins and minerals, is often used to top baked potatoes and omelets. It is also used as a stuffing in hamburgers and sandwiches and makes excellent salad dressing.

Banana, the yellow tropical fruit from Southeast Asia, is a rich source of Vitamin C. It can be eaten on its own; however, it makes great puddings, desserts and ice creams. Banana pulp is used in make flavorsome breads and cakes.

Carambola or Starfruit, which derives its name from its unique shape, is a juicy fruit. Carambola makes an excellent accompaniment for grilled chicken, pork or shrimp. The fruit itself happens to be the chief ingredient of fruit salads, chutneys, pickles and tangy salsas. The juice of Starfruit serves as an excellent marinade. A little Starfruit juice adds a zing to drinks and iced teas and sorbets.

Mangoes, the shapely, colorful, delicious fruits from South Asia are a foodie's delight and they just gorge on Mangoes, both unripe and ripened. Green mangoes make appetizing pickles, chutneys and sorbets. Mature, ripe mangoes can be consumed raw or used as puree in different desserts and other sweet dishes. Diced mangoes are a perfect addition to a fruit salad.

Papaya is another tropical fruit, which is eaten both ripe and green. You can have Papaya for breakfast or have fish/poultry preparations with a fruit salad based on ripe Papaya for lunch. Green papaya, likewise, can be added in soups and stews. Papaya pulp has been used for ages as a meat tenderizer. Papaya seeds (which are slightly peppery) find use in marinades and in salad dressing. Papaya based relishes and salsas too are pretty common.

Pineapple, the delicious, succulent herbaceous fruit from the Central and Southern America, makes a perfect accompaniment to many dishes. It can be used in desserts, drinks, sorbets and ice creams. Pineapple is a healthy addition to fruit salad.

Pomegranate, the juicy fruit from the Middle East, makes gorgeous pink sorbet. Pomegranate is used as salad dressing and in soups. A dash of Pomegranate juice introduces an extra-ordinary flavor in sauces and marinades.

Coconut, Dates, Guava, Lychee, Persimmon and Tamarind etc. are some of the other most well liked tropical fruits. Thanks to the invention of innovative anti-spoilage techniques that today we are able to savor the flavors of even exotic tropical fruits like Ackee, Custard Apple, Jackfruit, Sapote and a thousand other similar fruits sitting miles away from their place or origin.