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Stay Fit By Munching On Fresh Vegetables.

fresh vegetablesThe little black dress, the classic white shirt and vegetarianism are the things that never go out of fashion. Fresh vegetables rule the roost amongst all kinds of foods when it comes to nutritional content. Thus, when being veggie caught on with the celebrities and trendsetters, going ‘Vegan’ suddenly became the most “in” thing with everyone.

Fresh vegetables come with numerous benefits. They are abundant in vitamins and minerals and are excellent sources of dietary fiber. And the supreme appeal of fresh vegetables lies in the fact they are low in fat, sodium, calories and contain absolutely no cholesterol. This means that unlike the chocolate mousse or the hamburger, with vegetables it is a case of, ‘the more the merrier’.

Additionally, fresh vegetables contain phytochemicals that are known to prevent the incidence of coronary diseases, diabetes and some forms of cancer. There are some vegetables like broccoli, green pepper and spinach, with anti-oxidizing properties that slows down the body’s natural cell and tissue degradation process. These are the much-publicized “anti-ageing” vegetables, known to give the Botox and the facelift a run for their money.

Nutritionists recommend a daily dose of 3-5 vegetable servings, a serving constituting of a cup of raw leafy vegetables or 3/4ths cup vegetable juice. The rule of thumb regarding extracting the best out of vegetables is to have them fresh. Seasonal vegetables are best had during their time and not frozen. And when you go to buy them be a little fussy.

In particular, smell a rat when prices are unnaturally low. Even if the apple doesn’t look bruised and battered and the potato is not green, chances are that the vegetables are not fresh enough. While buying, remember that vegetables are perishable and it is never a good idea to stockpile on them.

However, with vegetables, looks are not that deceptive. So if you go in for mature, fresh-looking and plump vegetables, you can be sure that they won’t disappoint you. Fresh vegetables are not that hard to come by, only you need to have an eye, feel and of course, the intuition for it.

If it’s Popeye who has glamorized the spinach, then it’s some film star who has catapulted the habit of munching on carrots to dizzying heights. Whoever may be the endorser, fresh vegetables are basking in their newfound popularity. As they say, ‘you just cannot go wrong with veggies’.