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Organic Growing – Freedom From Harmful Chemicals.

organic growingOrganic growing is a form of agriculture, which makes use of naturally occurring substances for nourishment. Unlike conventional forms of agriculture that makes use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, organic cultivation makes use of biological substances like bone powder, compost, green manures, mulches, rock minerals, seaweed and even waste products.

As opposed to intensive farming that is founded on the principle of providing direct nourishment to the plants and crops, organic growing relies on enriching the soil. All you need to do is nurture the soil with natural sources of sustenance and the fertile soil will supply all the necessary nutrients to the growing crops. So, do not let anything go waste. Recycle all the plant wastes in the garden. Animal wastes, kitchen wastes, wood ashes and lawn clippings are not meant for the bin anymore. Compost of these natural products adds to the humus content of the soil and aid the natural growth of healthy crops.

How To Grow Your Crops Organically?

If your garden has the blessing of sun and shade at the same time, go ahead with organic growing. You need to take a systematic and a methodical approach. The toughest part is to till, cultivate the land. People do use mechanical devices like roto-tiller or a similar device, but the best way is to plow the land inside out with the help of a shovel. This will uproot the weeds and you will just need to handpick them. Adding compost to the soil will finally prepare it for planting.

Organic cultivation strikes a natural balance in the soil in every way. It retains the biodiversity of the soil and the soil will have enough beneficial insects to prey on the harmful ones. Moreover, organically grown crops being healthy, are less prone to pest attacks and diseases. Try the magic of crop rotation and some clever group planting and you can easily keep diseases and pests at bay.

Benefits Of Organic Growing

Organically grown foods are tastier and healthier when compared to non-organically grown foods. It needs no mentioning that organic growing is free from all the ill effects of intensive farming. Organic cultivation means no pollution of land, water and environment. Therefore, it is not just you, but each life form inhabiting this Earth is kept miles away from harmful chemicals.