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Growing Tomatoes Can Be Fun And Easy Too.

growing tomatoesHave you ever been tempted to grow vegetables in your garden? And if so, I bet you cannot do it without tomatoes. Tomatoes are without doubt the most well liked vegetable to grow in the garden. The taste of a freshly picked homegrown tomato goes unchallenged. Growing tomatoes in your backyard not only suffices your passion for vegetable gardening but also ends your hunt for fresh tomatoes.

You can grow three different kinds of tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes are perfect for containers or small gardens. The best part about these tomatoes is that they stay for quite a lengthy part of late summer. Determinate types and indeterminate types are some of the other regular tomatoes.

As first things come first, you need to buy tomato plants at the nursery for planting. Make sure that all dangers of frost have passed otherwise begin seeds indoors some six to eight weeks before the most recent expected frost.

What you need to do next is select a place that gets full sun and has a soil with a pH of 6.0 to 7.0. It is to be noted that tomatoes cannot withstand chilly breezes. They thrive well on plenty of warmth. As growing tomatoes in chilly weather is difficult, make it a point to provide shelter whether it is a garden wall, a windbreak of trees, or even a vine-covered trellis.

Moreover, tomatoes call for soil rich in organic matter. Therefore, you will have to enrich the soil with plenty of compost if required for growing tomatoes. Always remember to solidify seedlings, whether store-purchased or homegrown and shift them to the garden when nighttime temperatures are above 50 degrees F. 

All you need to do is hollow out a hole, which is the size of a basketball for each plant. Before you position the plants 12 to 18 inches apart depending on its variety do not forget to add a bit of compost and a handful of crushed eggshells to each hole. Make sure that you place a paper collar around each plant to do away with cutworms on one hand and floating row covers to guard them from chilly temperatures and insects on the other.

Water your plants, as they must get one and two inches of water every week. And to guarantee a bumper crop you need to spray them with seaweed extract or compost tea at least four times. The first time you use the spray is when it is two weeks after planting, then after the first flowers appear, next when the fruits develop and finally when you locate the earliest ripe tomato. Your homegrown tomato is ready to be picked when the color turns shiny and their surface becomes more or less spongy and firm. 

Leaf diseases can take place on tomatoes whilst growing tomatoes. Insecticides such as Carbaryl or Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki are also used to combat large green tomato hornworms and many other insects.

The double pleasure of growing tomatoes in the backyard and feeding on them is truly something very special.